“Where did we come from?”

Welcome to Future Auto Service Centres, Let us start by giving you our story

Our birth was 5 successful independently owned and operated mechanical businesses, all hard working and profitable, all passionate about the automotive industry.

Whilst business was certainly good, between stress, long hours and meeting next month’s commitments, doing business had got so complex, that we felt we were losing touch with how we should be operating a business.

 Simply put we were working in our businesses, instead of on our businesses

We are not against hard work, there just had to be a better way.

So we went back in history, to our start as apprentices and examined what we liked about the trade, why our customers liked coming to us and why we developed our passion for the automotive industry in the first place.

The result was In 2005 we created the Future Auto Service Centres system, based on the values and ideals that the automotive service trade was built on, by building a network of quality workshops where clients will experience service, expertise and relationships built on trust.

Where staff are exposed to a learning environment, happy to come to work and solve problems, Eager to contribute to the success of the business.

 “The best of the past, combined with the opportunities and technology of the future.”

We recognised that we had good mechanical ability and could efficiently operate our businesses, but the costs and expertise required o effectively participate in the marketplace were increasing dramatically and if we were to continue we needed to create smarter strategies that were simple to apply and cost effective.

So we created a Royalty free franchise system

The main challenges we identified were

  • Training
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Development

Identifying we cannot possibly be experts in all these fields we made the decision to play on our own strengths, combine forces, share expenses, learn new technologies and educate our staff.

“Passion for our industry” is our driving force

“Pride in our industry” is what we look for in all our franchisees and their staff

“Protecting the future of our industry” is our challenge

“This simple down to earth approach is our proven success”